LinkedIn performance is tied to the ability to achieve various professional objectives. The most telling indicators are the quality and quantity of your interactions. Whether you are building your business, advancing your corporate career, or pivoting to something new, becoming proficient, efficient, and visible on LinkedIn will prove an essential piece of that growth.

JD Gershbein is a pioneer and innovator in LinkedIn education. His coaching methodologies are exclusive, battle-tested, and integrative. He brings a success-focused mindset, business acumen, empathy, and gentle humor to each engagement. In JD, you gain a trusted thought partner and confidante who will help you build revelatory insights about yourself, your business, and your LinkedIn community.

Owlish Communications offers comprehensive and flexible LinkedIn coaching packages tailored to your learning style, personality, and stated objectives. Through our guided implementation, you will build capacity, increase your effectiveness on the site, and dramatically improve your competitive position.

Through our work, you will increase connectivity and coverage on the LinkedIn platform. By boosting engagement, you will sharpen your perspective, achieve greater visibility, and install yourself in more meaningful exchanges with your fellow professionals.


Whereas building out your profile is the essential first piece of a LinkedIn strategic plan, your activities on the site are what produce results. Effectiveness on LinkedIn equates to forming habits that stick, making sound decisions, and meaningful interpersonal communications. Our customized coaching programs provide a solid foundation for capitalizing on the strength of your LinkedIn profile.