LinkedIn branding is the process by which you become memorable and establish a uniquely recognizable identity on the site. This translates to creating deep, vivid, and favorable impressions of yourself—through written, visual, and auditory content—and making an intellectual and emotional connection with your target audience. It all begins at the level of a single internet page—the LinkedIn profile. 


JD Gershbein was one of the first in the world to offer LinkedIn profile writing as a service. He has designed powerful cognitive frameworks to support the goals of professionals struggling to present themselves compellingly and convincingly. He continues to refine his unique methodology for crafting LinkedIn profiles, favoring a rich third-person narrative that gives brand-conscious professionals distinction, elegance, and competitive advantage.  

Owlish Communications partners with professionals who recognize the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile. Together, we will identify and illuminate the critical pieces of your narrative and produce a polished, razor-sharp profile that will sell you when you are not present to sell yourself.

Through our work, you will gain context as a professional. Your self-confidence will soar from knowing your LinkedIn profile accurately conveys your value. You will also be better positioned to cultivate business or career opportunities and open more meaningful conversations with decision-makers.


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