Owlish Communications offers comprehensive and flexible LinkedIn personal consultation services commensurate with each unique client’s personality, learning style, and tolerance. Whether growing a new business, advancing your current career, or pivoting to something new, our work will increase your LinkedIn literacy, enable you to build a tight-knit professional community, and give you the confidence and strategic direction to generate wins.

LinkedIn continues on a path of dramatic change. Staying abreast of trends can be challenging for many time-strapped people in an already-tight attention economy. You will work personally with JD Gershbein to build capacity on the site, improve decision-making, boost engagement, and drive your LinkedIn footprint deep and wide.

The pandemic has given us pause to think about how we manage our LinkedIn activities. Becoming proficient and efficient on LinkedIn is now a must to pace with the demands of a turbulent, hyper-competitive business world. Whereas many individuals and firms provide LinkedIn coaching, JD is a leader and innovator in the field. He brings empathy, curiosity, business acumen, and stellar interpersonal communication skills. His LinkedIn methodologies are exclusive, battle-tested, and easily adaptable.