ZOOM WITH JDYour LinkedIn profile is your first point of reference in the business universe. The content on this page drives decision-making on your competencies and positions you for your desired business or career opportunities. In today’s attention economy, you do not get much time to form a positive impression. Hence, your profile must be structured for quick uptake and capture the interest of those who visit it. Your messaging should be laser-sharp, on-brand, and align with your ideal client’s pain if you wish to capitalize on the immense marketing potential of LinkedIn.

During this exploratory, pressure-free ZOOM conversation, you will receive a thorough, unbiased evaluation of your LinkedIn profile and on-the-spot suggestions for bolstering its key areas. You will also better understand the interconnectedness between your profile and the LinkedIn community. You will increase your effectiveness on the site by showcasing yourself more professionally and compellingly to potential clients, colleagues, prospective employers, and would-be LinkedIn connections. 

How can your LinkedIn profile best support your business or career goals? Let’s find out.

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JD Gershbein
Founder, Owlish Communications