About Owlish Communcations

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Since 1984, OWLISH COMMUNICATIONS has provided sound marketing communications solutions to brands across various industries. In response to the Social Media Revolution, the Chicago, Illinois-based firm shifted its mission and, since 2006, has specialized in the design and delivery of best-in-class LinkedIn branding and LinkedIn advisory services for opportunity-driven business leaders, senior executives, entrepreneurs, owners, physicians, boutique service providers, and sales teams.

Through the focused efforts of its founder, JD Gershbein, the firm has become a preeminent provider of LinkedIn education. JD was one of the first in the world to the field of LinkedIn training and has helped thousands of professionals in all walks of business achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in using the platform. The firm’s name finds its point of origin in the founder’s lifelong study of the owl.


♦ We seek to create a rich learning environment that fosters honest, open communication, which is fundamental to the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and develops breakthrough thinking

♦ We serve at the pleasure of those who place trust in our abilities and judgment and preserve our professional integrity by adhering to the highest ethical standards in our interactions with others

♦ We respect the sensibilities of our clients and collaborators and strive to deliver an exceptionally positive brand experience that drives professional and personal growth