Professionals in all walks of business and from all corners of the world have engaged JD Gershbein to write their LinkedIn profiles. Over time, he has observed how the medium has changed, and developed his own stylistic take on the craft. The Owlish Method™ of LinkedIn Profile Writing, which he devised, combines the best aspects of a traditional executive bio, a Wikipedia entry, and a feature story for Rolling Stone Magazine. His clients receive a flowing, compelling brand story that unifies past accomplishments with present value and future potential.


The Goal: Building the High-Impact LinkedIn Profile

The impact a LinkedIn profile makes correlates to the level of storytelling within it. A high-impact LinkedIn profile has content that captivates, resonates with viewers, and motivates further learning about you. You do not get much time to register in the minds of those reviewing your profile. The longer you can keep people on your page, the greater your likelihood that their review could lead to a connection request or an inquiry into your services. Flat, nondescript profiles are quickly dismissed and easily forgotten.

The overarching objective of The Owlish Method™ of LinkedIn Profile Writing is to produce a working LinkedIn profile, one that is optimized for search and immediately generates bias toward you, your company, and your offerings. JD will tap the various aspects of your professional history, merge them with your future vision, and render you in a manner that differentiates you from competitors. On LinkedIn, impression, especially the first one, is everything.

The Process: Developing your Personal Brand Story

In order to produce a LinkedIn profile that accurately reflects who you are professionally, what you do, and how you deliver value, you must give yourself over to the process by which it will be created. JD will guide you through an empowering period of self-assessment, from which the pertinent elements of your brand story will come together. He will then distill them down to the best-of-the-best for inclusion in your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile will be designed around your desired outcome. The work begins with a comprehensive review of your existing web content, resume, CV, and bio, and responses generated through a questionnaire. A formal interview (via phone or Skype) will then be conducted and a draft of the profile will be furnished for your review. Once the profile content is finalized, it will be transferred to the corresponding sections of your LinkedIn profile.

The Result: A LinkedIn Profile that Drives Engagement

Your high-impact LinkedIn profile will help you generate more inbound leads and build your brand as a thought leader, trusted advisor, innovator, or value creator. Over time, you will become unmistakably associated with your product, service, company, niche, or skill. You will open more meaningful conversations with prospects and other high-caliber professionals, which in turn will generate more sales moments.

Perhaps the greatest competitive advantage you will achieve through a collaboration with JD is the heightened sense of self-confidence you gain from knowing you are well-represented on a site that strongly influences business and career decision making. Attitude is everything in business today. A positive outlook will help you tell your story better and to more people, and shorten the time required to convert LinkedIn activities to tangible, real-world results.

Owlish Communications will serve your best interests in the crafting and positioning of your LinkedIn profile, and by providing prudent and trusted advice on all your LinkedIn-related matters.

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