Not All LinkedIn Profiles Are Created Equal

We believe that the LinkedIn profile is a business professional’s most valuable digital asset. Without a strong profile, it will be impossible to capitalize on the opportunities that LinkedIn affords. Sadly, most profiles render their subjects not as brands, but as commodities, and are promptly dismissed by those visiting them. An extraordinary LinkedIn profile makes an indelible impression, exudes a sense of competence, and drives meaningful engagement.

Owlish Communications adheres to a philosophy of best practices in the crafting, positioning and optimizing of your LinkedIn profile. The Owlish Method of LinkedIn Profile Writing is strategically designed to capture and render your social brand in a way that makes you memorable, articulates your professional value, and frames you as the logical choice to sell the product, provide the service, or get the job.

Together, we will produce a professional, polished LinkedIn profile that aligns with your business objectives and speaks to your strengths, capabilities, and humanity. The goal is to shape positive perceptions in the minds of your potential clients, centers of influence, and would-be employers in a manner that will drive results.

What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Extraordinary?  

♦ An extraordinary LinkedIn profile draws people into your story. The content is shaped through the viewpoint of your ideal prospect or targeted decision maker. The more you involve viewers, the longer they will stay on your page, and the greater their inclination will be to learn further about you.

An extraordinary LinkedIn profile immediately associates you with your product, service, niche, company, or skill. The content is strategically designed to differentiate you as an authority in your field. Every lexical and visual cue on the page goes toward controlling the type of impression that you wish to make.

♦ An extraordinary LinkedIn profile frames you as the solution. The content addresses your client’s pain points, while highlighting the benefits of working with you. Conveying your professional value as a problem solver will enable you to engage on a deeper level with those you wish to serve.

An extraordinary LinkedIn profile is easily retrieved from memory. The content is rendered in a manner that builds your eminence and facilitates quick recall. All elements combine to produce an indelible impression that strengthens over time and becomes the essence of your social brand.

♦ An extraordinary LinkedIn profile will increase your connectivity with high-caliber professionals. The content is intended to accelerate the development of trusted relationships within and external to your network. In turn, you will be more favorably received by those with whom you wish to connect.

♦ An extraordinary LinkedIn profile generates economic opportunities that otherwise may not exist. The content is designed to influence decision-making on you—as a vendor, service provider, employee, or first-degree connection. Your LinkedIn profile shortens the gap between you and your real-world professional goals.

An extraordinary LinkedIn profile is a competitive advantage. The content supports your effort to attract the right people to your page. When you promote yourself in an artful fashion on LinkedIn, you will shine through your interactions and generate the kind of conversations that lead to business or career wins.

How’s Your LinkedIn Profile?

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