JD Gershbein is a world-class professional speaker known for creating unique, inspirational, and enlightening learning experiences that are geared toward maximizing performance on LinkedIn. He has delivered talks all throughout North America, as well as numerous webcasts streamed live across the globe. Known for his engaging stage presence, JD consistently leaves his audiences wanting more. He draws from his own experience, as well as from his training in improvisational comedy at Second City, to create LinkedIn educational programs that are takeaway-intensive, infused with storytelling, and tinged with his signature humor and wit.

JD GERSHBEIN, Keynote Speaker

♦ All programs described below can be customized for a specific audience, and tailored to address the specific challenges faced by your association, organization, or enterprise.  

♦ All programs described below are delivered on-site at your conference, trade show, symposium, or corporate event (sales meeting or retreat). They can be structured as keynote speeches or breakout sessions and adjusted to meet the time requirements of your speaking agenda. 

♦ All programs described below (except where indicated) assume some baseline, elementary knowledge of the LinkedIn site. In order to facilitate learning and maximize outcomes, attendees should have a LinkedIn account and be actively engaged in building a professional network.

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