LinkedIn Educational Program Overviews

JD Gershbein is a world-class professional speaker known for creating unique, inspirational, and enlightening learning experiences that are geared toward maximizing performance on LinkedIn. He has delivered talks all throughout North America, as well as numerous webcasts streamed live across the globe. Known for his engaging stage presence, JD consistently leaves his audiences wanting more. He draws from his own experience, as well as from his training in improvisational comedy at Second City, to create LinkedIn educational programs that are takeaway-intensive, infused with storytelling, and tinged with his signature humor and wit.

JD GERSHBEIN, Keynote Speaker

♦ All programs described below can be customized for a specific audience, and tailored to address the specific challenges faced by your association, organization, or enterprise.  

♦ All programs described below are delivered on-site at your conference, trade show, symposium, or corporate event (sales meeting or retreat). They can be structured as keynote speeches or breakout sessions and adjusted to meet the time requirements of your speaking agenda. 

♦ All programs described below (except where indicated) assume some baseline, elementary knowledge of the LinkedIn site. In order to facilitate learning and maximize outcomes, attendees should have a LinkedIn account and be actively engaged in building a professional network.

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MARKET YOUR WISDOM: Using LinkedIn to Drive Thought Leadership

Social media has a way of turning everyday people into celebrities and their dreams into flourishing empires. In the digital space, professionals can demonstrate their expertise, separate from the pack, and quickly rise to a position of prominence in their niche. They become authorities, go-to resources, and people of renown. Their ideas, words, and teachings change perceptions, enlighten a community, and catalyze action. They become thought leaders. In this game-changing program, JD offers a cognitive and practical roadmap for aspiring and established thought leaders looking to elevate their profiles, differentiate their service offerings, and expand their platforms.

COMMAND YOUR BRAND™: Differentiate Yourself in a Commoditized World

In today’s Digital Era, personal branding is all about providing content that shapes, guides, and manages the perceptions of others. When leveraged properly, LinkedIn can energize and elevate your personal brand, frame you as an authority figure, and enable you to generate business opportunities that might otherwise not exist. In his signature program, JD brings powerful strategies to light that will help professionals embrace their uniqueness, tell a more compelling brand story, and form indelible impressions. On a platform where brands advance and commodities stagnate, your LinkedIn profile either stands out or gets lost in the shuffle.

THE LINKEDIN EDGE: Creating a Competitive Advantage in Social Business

Successful use of LinkedIn comes down to representing yourself well, connecting with the right people, and quickly pulling online conversations offline. In this thought-provoking program, JD will explore the psychology and neuroscience of LinkedIn, and deliver powerful strategies that will immediately boost your quality of engagement and up-level your performance on the site. You will learn how LinkedIn really works—that is, at the highest intellectual and emotional centers of the brain—and receive valuable insights that will help you outthink and outmaneuver the competition.

CONNECT TO PROSPER: Using LinkedIn to Accelerate Relationship Development & Drive Business Growth

Our fate in business today is dictated by the quality of our professional relationships. Your LinkedIn network is more than just a static directory of names; it is your lifeblood in business. How you build, manage and leverage it will have far-reaching implications in the growth of your enterprise. In this enlightening and engaging program, JD drills down to the essence of how to nurture your network and mine business opportunities from your direct LinkedIn connections. He will reveal key strategies in how businesses can build a trusted brand, showcase their culture, and sell more products and services.

LINKED TO REVENUE: Using LinkedIn to Build Brands, Generate Leads, and Win More Business

Businesspeople who optimize LinkedIn enjoy greater activity, shorten their sales cycles, have better meetings, and close more business. JD takes you through the steps that top business developers use to generate, qualify, and nurture leads on LinkedIn and convert them into satisfied clients. You will learn how to elevate your brand in the mind of the prospect, boost engagement, and  create a communication strategy that will help you make sales. 

BETTER BRAND, BETTER OPPORTUNITIES: Breakthrough LinkedIn Strategies for Career Development

In today’s volatile job market, a resumé will only take you so far. Companies are not looking to hire robots that look good on paper. They are interested in bringing in confident, collaborative, and intuitive professionals who possess rock-solid ethics, fully defined core values, and exemplary communication skills.  With greater emphasis being placed on the LinkedIn profile by recruiters and hiring managers, those that put the effort into bolstering their LinkedIn profiles will gain a true competitive advantage in landing their dream gigs.