COMMAND YOUR BRAND™: Differentiate Yourself in a Commoditized World

In today’s Digital Era, personal branding is all about providing content that shapes, guides, and manages the perceptions of others. When leveraged properly, LinkedIn can energize and elevate your personal brand, frame you as an authority figure, and enable you to generate business opportunities that might otherwise not exist. In his signature program, JD brings powerful strategies to light that will help professionals embrace their uniqueness, tell a more compelling brand story, and form indelible impressions. On a platform where brands advance and commodities stagnate, your LinkedIn profile either stands out or gets lost in the shuffle.

About JD Gershbein

©2013 by JD Gershbein. All Rights Reserved. Since 2006, JD Gershbein, CEO of Owlish Communications, has been helping advance collective awareness of LinkedIn and inspiring opportunity-oriented professionals to step up and achieve on the site. He fuses LinkedIn profile optimization, personal branding, respect-based social networking, marketing communication strategy and classical business development techniques with neuroscience and psychology. JD is one of the world's top scholars on LinkedIn, a globally acclaimed speaker and frequent media contributor on social business strategy. He is also Adjunct Professor of Marketing Communications at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Stuart Graduate School of Business, where he is advancing social media marketing as an accredited field of study. His book “The LinkedIn Edge: Creating a Psychological Advantage in Social Business” is due out in summer 2014. You are welcome to connect with JD on , Twitter and of course,LinkedIn.

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