OWLISH COMMUNICATIONS collaborates with business professionals all over the world to bolster their LinkedIn profiles, increase their online marketing effectiveness, and create a sustainable competitive advantage through the development of their thought leadership.

The firm’s preeminence as a global provider of LinkedIn advisory services has been achieved through the efforts of its founder and CEO, JD Gershbein. As one of the first to the field of LinkedIn training, JD has been at the forefront of what he has called The Thought Leadership Movement, partnering with brands to help them tell a more compelling story.


The Owlish Pledge & Commitment to Excellence

♦ We strive for excellence in the pursuit of wisdom by encouraging honest, open communication, which is fundamental to the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, preserving our professional integrity by adhering to the highest ethical standards in our interactions with others, and honoring the relationships with those who place their trust in us.

♦ We will work tirelessly to create a rich learning environment, using proprietary materials, exercises, and activities that promote literacy, reinforce positive behaviors, and develop the skills and insights that drive the successful use of the online media.

♦ We respect the ambition and sensibilities of our clients and collaborators and strive to deliver an exceptionally positive brand experience.

♦ We believe in continuous improvement and constantly drive to build habits that produce sustainable results.

♦ Through our contributions, we endeavor to serve the best interests of those who retain our services, and make a positive impact in their lives.